The IFE India’s New Delhi Metro Project 84-meter moving walk ceremony

issuing time:2018-01-03 09:28:05   Editor: IFE Elevators    

Lead: How hard to create an oversea elevator high-quality goods project?
    Recently, India’s New Delhi metro project escalator ceremony was held by IFE elevators. After technical team two years hard working, the project is at the installation, commissioning and delivery phase. The delivery 84-meter 3°moving walk and 50-meter 0°moving walk satisfy customers and meet their requirements. It’s the first time for New Delhi Metro adopting moving walk d which is a rare large span moving walk. 
    As one of the domestic A-share elevator brand representatives, IFE elevators always adhere to provide customers with advanced elevator safety technology and rigorous system configuration features. For the Indian New Delhi Metro project in India, the elevator professional team tries hard to stand out in many international well-known elevator brands and win the customers satisfaction.
Sharp tools make good work
    The India New Delhi Metro project is the large public transport metro project that is the first time for New Delhi Metro using moving walk connecting new and old station. IFE set up a project professional team to doing market research and propounding a series of solution to meet customer demand, and ultimately got the customer's unanimous satisfaction! For example, in the bidding documents required the use of synchronous traction machine which is not enough to support high-flow, safety and reliability requirements. After several communications with customers, the IFE recommended asynchronous traction machine is adopted and received highly praise from the customers.
Overcome difficulties with science and technology; produce high-quality products with innovation
    As an important transportation, metro is related to our safety. Therefore, the product production, inspection requirements are more stringent and without mistakes to ensure that the qualities fully meet the standards. When making trusses, in order to ensure that the truss quality meets the European Union EN115 Standard and customer requirements, IFE organized professional training of the truss positioning, fabrication steps and surface welding quality and so on, to achieve the operation and inspection standardization. Timely guarantee the customer delivery time requirements. At the same time, project team was carrying out inspection of raw materials, to ensure product quality from the source.
Every success is the brilliant shine of the sweat
    From the beginning of the New Delhi project to now moving walk successfully delivery and pass customer inspection, it was thanks to the unity and devotion of IFE project team members. During these times, Mr. Luo, one of IFE project team, was bustling about ensuring the good communication between project team and customer, as well as other departments. The piling up drawings was an overwhelming obstacle for every technician, which should be overcome with wisdom and determination. They knew that they are working together on a great project. When the project is finished, every IFE staffs are excited and cheer up for the success won by their unity and cooperation, as well as the improvement and self-achievement. With carefulness, seriousness, perseverance, IFE staffs work hard together for the high-quality products. Indeed, the shine of the sweat is the most beautiful scenery around the world!