IFE Exhibit at the 2017 Iran International Elevator Exhibition

issuing time:2018-01-03 09:24:14   Editor: IFE Elevators    

    The 6th Iran Elevator Equipment exhibition, an influential international elevator industry event in Iran and the middle east, was held in Tehran, Iran, from July 10th to 13th, 2017. The exhibitions are variety including elevator equipment and components, driver, cabin, rope, door, controller, monitoring systems, security systems, etc. In 2016, merchants of the fifth Iran Elevator Equipment exhibition are up to 28500 people, 230 exhibitors and 6 exhibition halls. With the increasing international popularity of the exhibition, the number of exhibitors, viewers or the scale of the exhibition of the 2017 Iran International Elevator exhibition will reach a new high.
    Iran International Elevator Exhibition, the most prestigious international elevator industry exhibition in the Middle East, gathered many famous enterprises. IFE as one of the listed enterprises of Chinese national elevator brand was invited to participate in this event, attracted many visitors to consult and communicate with IFE, and expressed their keen interest to the business strength, product concept and service system of IFE. 
    In recent years, IFE established a good customer reputation and brand reputation by making great efforts to exploit overseas markets. The export values of IFE remain an absolute advantage in China's elevator brand.  IFE elevator (Middle East) Co., Ltd. was formally established in 2012, to provide elevator sales, installation and after-sale full-service support for Middle East countries including Iran, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and others. IFE achieved high recognition and trust in the local markets through provided high-quality IFE elevator products and services to the UAE residential pearl towers, the Gulf Medical University, Iran Moghaddam Shopping Mall and Bahrain Durrat Island villa Project and other national projects.
    Since 2017, the overseas market promotion and expansion of the IFE Elevators has been continuously enhanced and strengthened. In the future, the IFE Elevator will continue to further explore overseas markets, enhance the international influence of the brand and advance further at the international arena.