The IFE Elevators Attended 2016 Bengal International Elevator Exhibition

issuing time:2018-01-03 09:26:52   Editor: IFE Elevators    

   With the development of economic globalization, the cooperation and exchange between IFE Elevators and the world-wide partners will be more convenient, rapid and wide. Recently, the IFE Elevators participated in 2016 Bengal International Elevator Exhibition (Expo Dhaka 2016) witnessed the international Exchange event with exhibitors from all over the world.
    Bangladesh is a promising new market. In recent years, the economies of Bangladesh rapidly develop, the average annual economic growth rate maintained over 6%. The economy of capital Dhaka and other major cities grow exponentially. With the globalization, people pay more and more attention to quality, energy saving, safety, beauty and efficiency as well as the demand of elevator and escalator. It is reported that the elevator total demand in Bangladesh market has exceeded 20,000 units.
    As the representative of Chinese "Going global" brands, IFE Elevators has shown up in numerous international large-scale exhibitions with its innovative technology and leading-edge products. Attendance Expo Dhaka 2016 is an important step for deepen the South Asian market. This exhibition attracts customers from many countries in South Asia, which brings a good opportunity for IFE Elevators to further open the South Asian market.
    Bangladesh is an important country of One Belt One Road. IFE has left many wonderful works in this country, including Bangladesh high-end residential Oriental Canterbury Project, Oriental Hasnahena project and so on. As a representative of China's national elevator brands, IFE actively participate in international economic exchanges and cooperation, providing more comfortable and convenient life for people around the world!