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JOYMORE-7 machine room less passenger elevators are specially designed for residential, hotel and office building with the features of high shaft-utilization, shallow pit, small overhead, which also show the core of safety, comfort, energy-saving and environmental protection design concept.

Fitur Produk

  • Safety

    JOYMORE-7 adopts numbers of advanced product configuration and research and development technology to ensure the safety operation of elevator and to provide passenger with a more safety and reliable experience.
  • Convenient and stable operation

    JOYMORE-7 adopts the advanced driving technology and control technology, in order to achieve less vibration and noise, as well as stable and comfortable operation.
  • Energy-saving

    The products which meet the EU EMC electromagnetic compatibility standards, pass the German TüV energy-saving energy efficiency testing and achieve the VDI4707PART1 level-A certification, are more energy-saving to protect environment.
  • Flexible civil construction

    The car height is 2200mm. When the rated speed is 1m/s, the overhead height is 3.5m; the minimum pit depth can reach 1100mm, which can greatly reduce the construction cost. The traction machine is installed on the guide rail, which can effectively isolate the vibration, reducing the noise impact on the building.


NO Items Standard
1 Rated load(kg) 450(6P) 630(8P) 800(10P) 1050(14P)
2 Speed(m/s) 1 1.6/1.75 1 1.6/1.75 1 1.6/1.75 1 1.6/1.75
3 Control method Full selective collection
4 Driving method VVVF driving
5 Door operator VVVF door operator
6 Traction machine Permanent magnet synchronous gearless
7 Control system CTRL70
8 Communication method Serial communication
9 Center opening Wide car
Car size(W*D*H) ----- 1100x1400x2200 1350x1400x2200 1400x1600x2200
10 Door opening size(W*H) ----- 800x2100 800x2100 900x2100
11 Shaft size(W*D) ----- 1750x1800 1850x1800 1950x2000
12 Center opening Deep car
Car size ----- ----- ----- 1100x2100x2200
13 Door opening size(W*H) ----- ----- ----- 800x2100
14 Shaft size(W*D) ----- ----- ----- 1750x2500
15 Side opening car
Car size 1000x1200x2200 1100x1400x2200 1350x1400x2200 1100x2100x2200
16 Door opening size(W*H) 800x2100 800x2100 900x2100 900x2100
17 Shaft size(W*D) 1500x1600 1600x1800 1850x1800 1650x2500
18 Travel (m) ≤45 ≤75 ≤45 ≤75 ≤45 ≤75 ≤45 ≤75
19 Traction machine position Inside the Shaft
20 Overhead (mm) 3500 3700 3500 3700 3500 3700 3500 3700
21 Pit (mm) 1100 1210 1100 1210 1100 1210 1100 1210
22 Rated power(kW) 2.7 4.6/5.0 3.8 6.4/7.0 4.8 8.1/8.9 6.1 10.1/11.1
23 Rated current(A) 8.0 12.5 11.0 17.0 13.5 22.0 16.5 26.0
24 Main power supply
&cable size
380V,50Hz,3-phase 5-wire,zero wire and ground wire separated, requirements refer to construction drawings
3*6mm2+2*6mm2 3*10mm2+
3*6mm2+2*6mm2 3*10mm2+
3*6mm2+2*6mm2 3*10mm2+
3*6mm2+2*6mm2 3*10mm2+
Note:1. “Deep car” elevator is applied for specified usage, for example, carrying stretcher during evacuation.
2. Car height“2200 mm”,which is the height from car floor to car top. If using optional ceiling, the car height should be accordingly increased.
3. For dual entrance, the support plates should be provided at the pit.