Ikhtisar Produk

T2 Moving walk is widely used in a variety of commercial and public transports. The product features modular design, beautiful shape, beautiful layout, integration with surrounding environment, and elegant atmosphere. Safe and reliable performance, durable quality and highly integrated technology let the passengers feel comfortable and relaxed, enjoy the surrounding beauty, and add a stylish charm for hotels, shopping malls, commercial centers, air traffic and other public places.

Fitur Produk

  • Advanced control technology

    T2 moving walk uses 32-bit computer as the control chip of variable frequency escalator, computer intelligent integrated control technology integrates the logic control of original lower computer with the drive control of host computer, and meet the complex needs with lightweight and thinness.
  • Energy-saving choice

    T2 moving walk uses variable frequency control technology and converts to energy-saving mode automatically when the infrared sensor at the entrance of escalator detects no-load, so the energy consumption is reduced by 10~40%.
  • Smooth running

    The variable frequency control technology of T2 moving walk has a strong anti-jamming capability and reduces the influences of external power grid, voltage fluctuations and other unstable factors on the escalator to the lowest point to keep smooth running of the elevator.
  • High-quality structure

    The main chord member of T2 moving walk uses rectangular tube, which has a better force performance and fully guarantees minor deformation of the truss. Two-way guided modular rail system ensures high running precision, smooth operation and comfortable feeling. The handrail belt is driven by a flexible compression system to ensure fully synchronous operation of the handrail belts and the stairs and extend the service life of the handrail belt.
  • User-friendly design

    Moderate width and thickness of handrail facilitate the passengers, especially the elderly and children, and improve the safety.